Offended Generation

This is the story of ordinary little witch hunts, who ends up invading our privacy, assigning our identities, and censoring our democratic exchanges. A sensitivity pandemic. Every day, a group, a minority, an individual erected as a representative of a cause, demands, threatens, and makes us bow.
In Canada, students are asking to terminate of a yoga class accused of « appropriating » Indian Culture. In the United States, the hunt stalks Asian menus in canteens and the teaching of great classical works, deemed shocking and normative, from Flaubert to Dostoyevsky. Students take offense at the slightest contradiction, which they consider « micro-aggression », to the point of demanding « safe space » where we actually learn to flee from otherness and debate.
According to geographic or social origin, according to gender and skin color, according to one’s personal history, freedom of speech is confiscated. An intimidation that goes as far as the removal of aid for the creation and dismissal of teachers. France believed it was resisting this injunction, but here too, groups are trying to ban exhibitions or plays … often anti-racist! The culture police turn into the thought police. The « insult » lawsuit thus spread dramatically. « Cultural appropriation » is the new blasphemy which knows only one religion: that of « origins ». « 

Without ever wanting to go back to the old days, Caroline Fourest traces here an authentically feminist and anti-racist, universalist path, which makes it possible to distinguish looting from cultural homage.

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