Sisters in arms (Trailer)


Sisters in arms is the history of an international brigade of female volunteers inside the Kurdish Resistance joigned a by a young Yazidi kidnapped and sold as a slave who managed to escape.

Director: Caroline Fourest

Writer: Caroline Fourest

Cast: Dilan Gwyn, Amira Casar, Camélia Jordana, Maya Sansa, Esther Garrel, Nanna Blondell, Korkmaz Arslan, Noush Skaugen, Mark Ryder, Youssef Douazou, Filip Crine, Pascal Greggory, Roda Canioglu, Darina Al Joundi, Shaniaz Hama Ali, Roj Hajo, Mouafaq Rushdie

Waiting Sisters in arms

After more than twenty years fighting with words and images, nearly 19 books, 21 documentaries and a short film, I decided to write a new page: to make my first feature film. It took three years to write, find funding, produce and show “Sisters of Weapons”. A women’s epic inspired by real events, the journey of survivors and fighters I met in Kurdistan. A story of sorority and camaraderie, between a survivor Yezidi and fighters from around the world to fight alongside the Kurds against the jihadists. A feminist war movie. To discover at the cinema in September.

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