In praise of Blasphemy

IN PRAISE OF BLASPHEMY : Why Charlie Hebdo is not ‘islamophobic’ is finally out in english. According to Salman Rushdie, « This is a vitally important book ». To order it on Itunes – To order it on Amazon  First Comment of Nick Cohen in StandPoint magazine : « In her new book In Praise of Blasphemy: Why Charlie Hebdo is not Islamophobic, Caroline Fourest wanted… Continuer de lire In praise of Blasphemy

Jihad and Racism Without Borders

The terrorist attacks continue relentlessly in quick succession. Blood has been spilled on the streets of Algiers, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tunis, Islamabad, Baghdad, Bali, Bombay, New York, London, Paris and San Bernardino. For decades only Muslim countries were targeted. Jihadi violence — once barricaded within the lands of Islam by dictatorial regimes or civil… Continuer de lire Jihad and Racism Without Borders

A sickening article

Hard to describe the feeling of nausea caused by the media buzz over the shocking article in Le Parisien newspaper. An outrageous presentation of personal or trivial facts known only to those close to Charlie, a sensationalist, conspiracy theory “headline”, all the necessary ingredients to start the wild rumours flying again. Charb’s family and his… Continuer de lire A sickening article

Vladimir Putin and the sovereignists, together in the Syrian quagmire

Just a few days ago strange echoes could be heard coming from public debates. It was like standing in the nave of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. The pro Russian sovereignists choir was singing loud praises to Vladimir Putin. A man, a real man.. The same man we sometimes see in the… Continuer de lire Vladimir Putin and the sovereignists, together in the Syrian quagmire

Jeremy Corbyn Fundamentalist Friends

Should we celebrate Jeremy Corbyn’s victory? The radical left speak of an “earthquake”. For others, however, it is a political suicide. In fact it all depends how one views Jeremy Corbyn. From a purely economic angle, shared by most newspapers, his victory is encouraging and shows that in England there is still a left which… Continuer de lire Jeremy Corbyn Fundamentalist Friends