Abandoned by Trump, Syrian Kurds look to Paris

Donald Trump played to repatriate his "boys" as soon as possible. Putin prefers the Syrian dictator. France understands their dream of a future that is both democratic and secular. This morning in Paris, the capital of a country that has always been faithful to the Kurds, a Rojava delegation came seeking support. It included Leila … Lire la suite de Abandoned by Trump, Syrian Kurds look to Paris

Trump and transphobic regression

26Not happy enough with removing the word "gender" from anti-discrimination laws, the Trump administration threatens to forcefully assign - and retroactively - any person to his "genitals of birth" or his chromosomes. Overnight, the American Trans could be without papers, without legal existence and without identity. This ideological war, because it is one, will not … Lire la suite de Trump and transphobic regression