Sisters in arms (Trailer)

  Sisters in arms is the history of an international brigade of female volunteers inside the Kurdish Resistance joigned a by a young Yazidi kidnapped and sold as a slave who managed to escape. Director: Caroline Fourest Writer: Caroline Fourest Cast: Dilan Gwyn, Amira Casar, Camélia Jordana, Maya Sansa, Esther Garrel, Nanna Blondell, Korkmaz Arslan,… Continuer de lire Sisters in arms (Trailer)

To read more about Caroline Fourest work.

Hello to all of you. Here are different links to papers in multiple languages. Thank you so much dear fantastic translators who worked to make this work accessible. Some blogs are more provided than others. All the help for translation is welcome. Caroline Fourest Blog in English Blog in Arabic / مدونةكارولينفوريست Blog in Bengali / ক্যারোলিনফোরেস্ট… Continuer de lire To read more about Caroline Fourest work.

The double life of Tariq Ramadan

It has taken me years to reveal the double-talk of the controversial Islamic speaker Tariq Ramadan. Since 2009 I have known that he has also led a double life, contradicting his many sermons on the « Islamic conception of sexuality. » Yet I could not write what I knew. The most serious facts could not be revealed… Continuer de lire The double life of Tariq Ramadan

America Alarmed at Racism in France

Each year the US Department of State publishes its annual report on Human Rights Practices across the world. In its 2015 report the Department of State expresses concern with anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim incidents in France. Although this concern is justified, it must be put into context. Too many anti-Muslim incidents were reported in 2015. An increase… Continuer de lire America Alarmed at Racism in France

Can The ‘Up All Night’ Protesters In Paris Find Common Ground?

Let’s not rush to define what’s going on in the Place de la Republique in Paris. The movement dubbed Nuit Debout (Up All Night) defines and redefines itself every night. We must understand the context behind it to understand what it’s trying to mobilize for. There are two prevailing views on the matter. The skeptical… Continuer de lire Can The ‘Up All Night’ Protesters In Paris Find Common Ground?

In praise of Blasphemy

IN PRAISE OF BLASPHEMY : Why Charlie Hebdo is not ‘islamophobic’ is finally out in english. According to Salman Rushdie, « This is a vitally important book ». To order it on Itunes – To order it on Amazon  First Comment of Nick Cohen in StandPoint magazine : « In her new book In Praise of Blasphemy: Why Charlie Hebdo is not Islamophobic, Caroline Fourest wanted… Continuer de lire In praise of Blasphemy

Jihad and Racism Without Borders

The terrorist attacks continue relentlessly in quick succession. Blood has been spilled on the streets of Algiers, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tunis, Islamabad, Baghdad, Bali, Bombay, New York, London, Paris and San Bernardino. For decades only Muslim countries were targeted. Jihadi violence — once barricaded within the lands of Islam by dictatorial regimes or civil… Continuer de lire Jihad and Racism Without Borders