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Hello to all of you.

Here are different links to papers in multiple languages.

Thank you so much dear fantastic translators who worked to make this work accessible.

Some blogs are more provided than others.

All the help for translation is welcome.

Caroline Fourest

Blog in English

Blog in Arabic / مدونةكارولينفوريست

Blog in Bengali / ক্যারোলিনফোরেস্ট

Blog in Chinese / 卡罗琳·福里斯特是

Blog in Korean / 카롤린푸레스트

Blog en Croatian / Na Hrvatskom

Blog in Spanish / Blog en Castellano

@Blog in French

Blog in Hindi / कैरोलीनफोरेस्ट

Blog in Italian / In Italiano

Blog en Japonais / キャロラインフォーレスト

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Blog in Russian / Блог на русском

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