Abandoned by Trump, Syrian Kurds look to Paris

Donald Trump played to repatriate his « boys » as soon as possible. Putin prefers the Syrian dictator. France understands their dream of a future that is both democratic and secular.

This morning in Paris, the capital of a country that has always been faithful to the Kurds, a Rojava delegation came seeking support. It included Leila Mustafa (the mayor of Raqqa, who runs the city with incredible courage), Asrin Abdallah (spokeswoman of the Kurdish fighters of the YPJ) and Abd El Mehbach (co-president of the autonomous administration of northern Syria).

We met them just after their meeting with the French President, on the initiative of Patrice Franceschi and Khaled Issa, who represents Rojava in France. To hear them, Emmanuel Macron renewed his will to help them militarily and financially. It is in France’s interest if it wants to stabilize and secure this country, where are now kept 6000 jihadists of 54 nationalities.

If we do not want to repatriate them then the only solution is to recognize Rojava’s judicial autonomy. His representative requested « support for the creation of a tribunal to try these mercenaries in accordance with international law ».

Without this solution, the fate of Syria and its prisoners will be played between the claws of Erdogan and Bashar El Assad. The former will let them go. The latter will make us complicit in crimes against humanity. America and Russia are playing with fire and with our safety. If it existed instead of imploding, Europe could resist and save its honor. At its heart, France must continue to support the Kurdish way, the only one to show a little light.

Caroline Fourest is the director of Sisters In Arms, a film which tells the story of a young Yazidi woman kidnapped and sold as a sex slave to a Jihadist. After managing to escape, she decides to take up arms and join an international squad of female fighters under Kurdish command. Coming from different backgrounds, they all have wounds to heal. They discover the power they have over the Jihadists (who are terrified of being killed by a woman) and together these sisters in arms lead an epic war against fanaticism.

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