Waiting Sisters in arms

After more than twenty years fighting with words and images, nearly 19 books, 21 documentaries and a short film, I decided to write a new page: to make my first feature film. It took three years to write, find funding, produce and show “Sisters of Weapons”. A women’s epic inspired by real events, the journey of survivors and fighters I met in Kurdistan. A story of sorority and camaraderie, between a survivor Yezidi and fighters from around the world to fight alongside the Kurds against the jihadists. A feminist war movie. To discover at the cinema in September.

To read (in French)  l’histoire du making off

To follow the film on  Instagram


My documentaries

• Parcs de la paix. Le dernier rêve de Nelson Mandela

•  Cahiers de doléances (LCP 2014-2015)

– Le blasphème en danger ?

– Haro sur les Roms ?

– Touche pas à mon genre ?

– Anti-Islam, la France ?

– Minorités ! Deux poids, deux mesures ?

– Trop d’immigrés ?

– Trop d’incivilités ?

• L’Hiver Turc

• Nos seins, nos armes ! 

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