A sickening article

Hard to describe the feeling of nausea caused by the media buzz over the shocking article in Le Parisien newspaper. An outrageous presentation of personal or trivial facts known only to those close to Charlie, a sensationalist, conspiracy theory “headline”, all the necessary ingredients to start the wild rumours flying again. Charb’s family and his friends were spared nothing.

The facts are quite simple. Worried about the magazine’s future, Charb and other cartoonists had met with potential sponsors through contacts who were neither “mysterious” nor reprehensible, in the hope of collecting donations to create a support group for Charlie (to preserve their independence the finance management was in no way involved and the meetings took place outside the paper’s offices). Nothing resulted from these meetings. Charb’s appeal to readers for subscriptions, however, was successful and the situation improved.

This clearly had nothing to do with the terrorist attack, nor with the break-in (not a burglary..) at Charb’s home.

So what was the purpose of this display of partial facts, taken out of context and totally unconnected?

I’m sure that at some point in his life one of the clients of the Hyper Casher has also bumped into a sponsor, perhaps even a sponsor from the “Middle East”. Perhaps someone close to one of the dead victims also stopped off at his apartment to pick up some things, without telling anyone….

But from there to concluding that the Hyper Casher terrorist attack was a financlal conspiracy involving “Middle East” sponsors (why not an action by the Mossad, while we’re at it?)…

From there to concluding that the Islamist lead is just a “theory”… As if Coulibaly was not an Islamist, as if he had never sworn allegiance to Islamic State, as if he hadn’t had a girlfriend who fled to Syria to join the terrorist organization, as if he didn’t know the Kouachi brothers, as if they weren’t Islamists either, as if they none of them had killed the people they killed.

Even if we already have considerable information, we have the right to demand more details about the investigation. From there to declaring that “the truth is still a long way off” is a step that very distraught people may take within the privacy of their grief, but not in public, not as a news item in rumour grabbing newspapers.

A cruel punishment. Gratifying and thrilling those who fantasize about exonerating the terrorists who murdered our friends. Nurturing the sick minds of those who from day one have been dancing on the corpses of the friends we mourn.

Caroline Fourest


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