In Praise of Blasphemy (Bernard-Henri Levy)

American friends, especially PEN Club writers, please read, right now, Caroline Fourest's new book, Eloge du blasphème (In Praise of Blasphemy, Grasset 2015), if you wish to understand: 1. why Charlie Hebdo was and is more respectful to Muslims than the idiots who think they are honoring Islam by killing; 2. that the real provocateurs were not the cartoonists … Lire la suite de In Praise of Blasphemy (Bernard-Henri Levy)

Were the Chapel Hill Killings a Terrorist Attack?

A crime is always despicable. Whether the result of a terrorist attack or a crime, death is always despicable. First and foremost for those who lose their lives and their loved ones. But when do these deaths become news stories? If the motivation tells us something about society. Political and not personal hatred tells us … Lire la suite de Were the Chapel Hill Killings a Terrorist Attack?